Top Engineering Colleges in India: Rankings 2016

Top 25 Engineering colleges in India 2016

Top Engineering Colleges in India are ranked every year by both private agencies and Government. NIRF Rankings, by Government of India, provides rankings every year. According to the NIRF rankings 2016, based on the overall score, IITs take the top 11 ranks. In addition to this, IITs occupy 15 positions out of the first 25 top Engineering Colleges in India.

Government Ranking of top Engineering Colleges in India has helped to bring more transparency in the ranking process. By analyzing these rankings, students can get valuable information about the college facilities and academic performance. Additionally,  factors such as opportunities for placement, research, and higher studies are considered in ranking.

Top 25 Engineering Colleges in India for 2016

Top 25 best Engineering Colleges in India, based on the NIRF rankings 2016, are given below:

Rank                                        Name                                                       State

1   Indian Institute Of Technology,                                               Tamil Nadu
Madras ( Chennai)
2   Indian Institute Of Technology, Bombay                             Maharashtra
3   Indian Institute Of Technology, Kharagpur                        West Bengal
4   Indian Institute Of Technology, Delhi                                   Delhi
5   Indian Institute Of Technology, Kanpur                               Uttar Pradesh
6   Indian Institute Of Technology, Roorkee                             Uttarakhand
7   Indian Institute Of Technology, Hyderabad                        Telangana
8   Indian Institute Of Technology,                                                Gujarat
Gandhinagar ( Ahmedabad)
9   Indian Institute Of Technology,                                                Punjab
Ropar ( Rupnagar)
10   Indian Institute Of Technology, Patna                                 Bihar

Rankings- Parameters

Rankings of Engineering Colleges on the basis of each of the five ranking parameters. This is given in the official website for NIRF.

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