Avoid Mistakes on NEET/ JEE Test Day: Top 5 Mistakes

How to Avoid Mistakes on NEET/ JEE Test Day?

Students should know how to avoid mistakes on NEET/ JEE Test Day. Now, read these strategies to reduce mistakes and get better marks in Medical/ Engineering Entrance. Many candidates, even after much dedication and hard work, are unable to get high score in the exams. Somehow the effort taken for preparing for Engineering Entrance/ Medical Entrance is not getting translated into good scores and top ranks. Check these test day tips to get higher score in NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS.

In order to get good ranks for NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS, students should incorporate successful test day tips and test taking strategies into their exam preparation. To learn more about the successful test day tips by toppers, read this article, TOP 10 TEST DAY TIPS BY TOPPERS TO CRACK NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS!

Avoid Mistakes on NEET/ JEE Test Day

To be successful in NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS, it is important to avoid mistakes on NEET/ JEE Test Day. Even minor mistakes happening on the NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS Exam day can cost you marks making it hard to secure a much awaited Medical or Engineering seat.

Let us see, in detail, the top 5 mistakes candidates should avoid on Test day – NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS!


While planning & preparation for the Exam day should start way early along with the subject preparation, many applicants still fail to get better ranks due to improper planning. Remember to follow these important tips while planning for the Exam/ Test day:

Plan for the days prior to the NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS Exam day

* Make sure to get minimum 8 hours of sleep the night before the exams.
* Keep the documents ready ( Admit Card/ Hall Ticket, Proforma, Photos, etc.).
* Plan the travel arrangements well ahead so as to reach the Exam Centre early.
* Review the CBSE NEET information bulletin- Make sure to read about Exam day instructions, dress code & barred items, etc.

Plan for the NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS Exam Day

* Reach the Exam centre early.
* Organize yourself-  keep the documents ready, find your allotted seat, etc.
* Follow the instructions given by the invigilator.
* Relax!


NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS toppers use effective Test taking strategies in order to get maximum score. This will help to avoid mistakes on NEET/ JEE. Candidates should use successful test taking strategies, while incorporating the following :

-Plan the order in which subjects are to be attempted.
-Plan the percentage of time allotted for each subject.
-Allot time for double checking your answers.
-Be flexible enough to accommodate any changes in your plan.

As different rank holders implement different strategies, it is important that each student analyse and choose which test taking strategies are effective for him/her. While taking the practice tests itself, students should practice their NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS test taking strategies. Do not wait for the Exam day to make new strategies or change any.


Poor time management costs marks when it comes to NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS test taking. So, candidates should pay more attention to avoid mistakes on NEET/ JEE Test Day. Toppers usually plan and estimate time for each subject according to the level of difficulty. However, many of them are flexible in their approach so as to accommodate changes according to the level of difficulty of questions. Many students give more time to difficult subjects. In order to be successful in  NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS, it is important that candidates adhere to effective time management strategies during exam preparation & practice test taking itself.


Having no proper answering technique is another mistake to avoid when taking NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS. Elimination technique or True/ False technique is an effective technique to find the most correct answer when answering Multiple Choice Questions and hence it is successfully used by many toppers. Make sure you read the whole question and answer choices before choosing your answer. Be careful, you cannot change your answer once you have marked it in the answer sheet. Mark your answers in the answer sheet, not in the question paper. Don’t wait until the end of the exam to mark the answers in the answer sheet.


Now, let’s see yet another of the common mistakes on NEET/ JEE Test Day. It is a common practice that candidates give more time than allotted to questions in the beginning of the test. As a result, they end up having insufficient time towards the end of the exam. In a rush, many candidates choose answers based on blind guessing, which can lead to negative marks. As each mark is important when determining the rank for NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS, candidates should be cautious about blind guessing, which can cost them marks. Depending on the negative marks per question determined for a particular exam, whether it is NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS, candidates should analyse and determine whether guessing is helpful or not. Always better to do INTELLIGENT/ SMART GUESSING than BLIND GUESSING!

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