Together, in these testing times! A message to all test takers.

Together, in these testing times!

For all test takers, parents, teachers, friends & well wishers! And for all who are going through various tests of their life! These are testing times for all of us! It’s high time we received a message to remind ourselves that we are in this together, in these testing times! Many of us stay awake late at night, rush our meals, skip our favorite shows- all to keep up with this tough ride. Let us be assured, all these sleepless nights and hard work will pay off, one way or the other. To make it happen, we need to motivate and inspire each other! We need to send out positive vibes so that we can receive even more!

Together, in these testing times!

For all test takers,
You are not alone!
We are in this together, in these testing times,
Let’s do our best & leave the rest!
Let’s bow down a bit and say…

We may fight for better marks, better positions,
but will always remember,
that the biggest war is not between us but within us!
Let’s remind ourselves….

We may skip our meals, sleep late, cry alone,
but we are together, in these testing times!
Let’s assure each other…

Together in these testing times.

And at times when we feel like giving up,
we’ll hold each other’s hands and say “let’s move on”!
Let’s inspire each other….

When we win, we’ll pull each other close & say,
We did this together, in these testing times!
Let’s be grateful…

We have to fulfill our dreams, but if we fail,
behind our weary smiles and teary eyes,
we will quietly whisper to each other,
“there is an even better plan waiting for us!”
Let’s comfort each other and say…

Many of us will pass this test, all of us will try,
And together in these testing times, we all win,
For we have walked this path hand in hand!

Let’s walk together, let’s accept this ride,
And we will ever remember, we did this with grace!
Together, in these testing times!

Testing our limits!

Exams, more specifically competitive exams, are testing times for the test takers as well as their loved ones. This is the time when students are being tested for their academic excellence. However, teachers, parents, friends, and well wishers are all tested for their ability to guide and support the students. Most importantly, these testing times measure our inner capabilities and strengths and our capacity to get through the test gracefully.

We get pushed to explore our limits, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially & spiritually. However, these testing times are meant not only to test our limits, but to bring us together, share and care for each other, and to let others know that they are not alone. Instead, to let them know that we are in this together, in these testing times!

When we work hard to reach that deadline, when we feel frustrated, and when we stay awake late at night to solve those problems, let’s all pause a bit. Let’s try to see those who are sharing the path with us. Tell them, I see you my dear friend! You are not alone! We are in this together, in these testing times!

It doesn’t take much to bring positive changes in people, including ourselves. There is no need to move mountains to lift the spirits of people we come in touch with. Many times, it is the simple, sincere acts and words that makes the most difference. At times, an innocent smile, a pat on your friend’s shoulder, a caring word- all these can speak volumes.

Soft wired to inclusiveness!

Many say, as human beings, we are all hardwired to success. If that is the case, we are all softwired to inclusiveness! Nothing can make us more lively, free, motivated, inspired and fulfilled than when we start to include others in our life, whether it is in our prayers, thoughts, talks or deeds.

Let others know that they are not alone. Let them know that we are in this together. By doing so, we are basically letting ourselves open to positive vibes from our fellow beings. In other words, by sending out positive messages, we are letting the cosmos know that we are ready to receive positive messages in return. Above all, when we learn to include others in our life, we are basically letting them include us in their life too.

Hope you enjoyed this message!

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