Study Abroad Scholarships for Indian Students

Study Abroad Scholarships- For Indian students to study in foreign universities

There are many study abroad scholarships for Indian students to study in foreign universities. Today, Indian students have multiple avenues open in front of them to pursue their undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral degrees in top universities internationally. Many government and private organizations, in India and abroad, offer scholarships and fellowships for Indian students to pursue higher studies abroad. However, students applying for study abroad scholarships should keep themselves updated about different scholarships offered for their area of study.  Also, in order to successfully complete the scholarship application process, applicants should know the scholarship eligibility criteria, timeline for application, etc.

List of Study Abroad scholarships for Indian students

Here is a list of study abroad scholarships for Indian students planning to study abroad. Please take sometime to go through the list to find out which scholarships are applicable to you. For this, check your field of study and the universities you are interested in to pursue higher studies. Also, check scholarships for secondary school student, undergraduate, post graduate, or doctorate degree holders.

1. A*STAR Investigatorship (A*I)

A*STAR Investigatorship (A*I) is one of the study abroad scholarships for Indian students. And, it is awarded by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore for researchers worldwide. Also, the applicants should have a doctorate degree or equivalent.

2. Aichi Scholarship Program

Aichi Scholarship Program is awarded by the Aichi Prefectural Government, Japan. It is offered to eligible graduate level applicants from Asian countries, including India. Additionally, the scholarship period extends from 6 months to 2 years. And, Aichi Scholarship Program is offered to qualified students who pursue a field of study that supports Aichi’s manufacturing industry.

3. Ashok Khurana Scholarship

Ashok Khurana Scholarship is open to outstanding Indian Students for post-graduate study at the University of Adelaide, Australia. Areas of post graduate coursework includes Health Services, Education, Agriculture, Environment, Aerospace, Resources, Clean Technology, or any other area of interest if permitted by the University of Adelaide and the donor.

4. Chinese Government Scholarship

Chinese Government Scholarship is offered by the Government of China for qualified Undergraduate, Master’s, Doctoral students and general and Senior scholars.

5. Commonwealth Scholarships

Commonwealth Scholarships offered by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) provides fellowships and scholarships to citizens of Commonwealth nations. Scholarships and fellowships are awarded for professional and postgraduate studies at UK universities. Interestingly, students of developing Commonwealth nations, pursuing degree courses in UK while residing in their home country, have the opportunity to apply for the Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships.

6. Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships

This scholarship is offered to qualified Indian students with post Graduate degree to pursue Doctoral degree at St. John’s College, Cambridge.

7. The European Union scholarships

The European Union’s Erasmus Mundus program provides scholarships for higher education and facilitate education partnership between the EU and other nations.
Scholarships are offered for  Erasmus Mundus courses, including Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degrees (EMJMD) and Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate (EMJD) program, and Erasmus Mundus partnerships.

8. Global E3 -The Global Engineering Education Exchange Program

Global E3 or The Global Engineering Education Exchange Program is aimed at training Engineering students internationally. As of now, there are no Indian universities that are listed as member institution of the Global Engineering Education Exchange Program. However, Indian Engineering students enrolled in foreign universities can participate in Global Engineering Education Exchange Program. Thereby, they will have the opportunity to study in other participating universities in Asia, United States, Europe, Australia, Latin America, and Middle East.

9. Her Majesty the Queen’s Scholarships

Her Majesty the Queen’s Scholarships (HM Queen’s Scholarships), offered by the Royal Thai Government (RTG) to eligible candidates from any Asian country. This scholarship is granted to eligible applicants with undergraduate degree. And, it is awarded to pursue Master’s degree in environmental-related field at the School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD), AIT, Thailand.

10. Hinrich Foundation Scholarship

Hinrich Foundation Scholarships are offered by Hinrich Foundation. It is for eligible students to pursue Master of Arts in International Journalism Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University in Hong Kong SAR. And, nationals of India, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam, holding an undergraduate degree in related fields  can apply. Also, applicants should clear TOEFL iBT  or IELTS with a valid minimum score of 79 or 6.5 respectively.

11. His Majesty the King’s Scholarships

His Majesty the King’s Scholarships (HM King’s Scholarships) are awarded by the Royal Thai Government (RTG) to eligible applicants from any Asian nation. And, it is offered to eligible candidates to pursue  Master Degree at School of Engineering and Technology (SET) and School of Management (SOM), the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand.

12. Hornby Scholarship

Hornby Scholarship funded by the A.S.Hornby Educational Trust, offers scholarships for English language teachers outside UK. And, it is awarded for completing one year Masters program in English Language Training at the University of Warwick, England. Moreover, Hornby Scholarship offers funding to cover all expenses, including tuition, travel, accommodation, visa, and IELTS costs for eligible candidates.

13. Huawei Maitree Scholarship

Huawei Maitree Scholarship is offered by Huawie Technologies, the global telecommunications provider. This scholarship is awarded for eligible Indian students to study in China. Additionally, for details, visit

14. Inlaks Scholarship

Inlaks Scholarship is offered by the Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation. And, it is aimed at financially supporting Indian students, who are exceptionally talented. Additionally, this scholarship is for students to pursue postgraduate studies or research outside India. Inlaks Scholarships are awarded to eligible Indian students taking university courses or attending specific programs proposed by the student.

15. International PG Research Scholarship (IPRS) by Government of Australia

In an effort to improve the research activities in Australia, Government of Australia awards International PG Research Scholarship (IPRS) to qualified international post graduate applicants. As a part of this, IPRS supports international students to pursue research studies in Australia. And, this scholarship is granted for a duration of two years for students pursuing a research Masters degree. Similarly, scholarship is granted for three years for those pursuing a research doctorate degree. Also, applicants are required to apply to the respective universities participating in International PG Research Scholarship (IPRS) by Government of Australia.

16. Melbourne Scholarships

University of Melbourne offers multiple scholarships to international students. These include the International Postgraduate Coursework Award (IPCA), International Postgraduate Research Scholarship, and Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship.
The International Postgraduate Coursework Award (IPCA) by the University of Melbourne is offered to qualified international students pursuing graduate course work degree.

17. Oxford and Cambridge Society of India (OSCI) Scholarships 

The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarships  are awarded to Indian citizens to study in the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, UK. Again, candidates planning to pursue undergraduate,  graduate study or research program may apply.

18. Raman-Charpak Fellowship Program

Raman-Charpak Fellowship Program was introduced by the Indo French Centre for Promotion of Advanced Research (IFCPAR/ CEFIPRA). And, this is aimed at supporting exchange of research students between India and France. So, if eligible, Indian PhD research scholars will be able to complete part of their study in France, and vice versa.

19.  The Silk-Road Scholarship Program

Silk-Road Scholarship  is offered by the SBS Foundation and Seoul National University. And, it is awarded to eligible candidates to pursue study in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Seoul National University, South Korea. Additionally, students from all countries along the Silk Road, including India and China can apply for the Silk-Road Scholarship.

20. Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship

Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships is offered by Reliance Industries Limited. And, it is aimed at providing financial support to Indian students for pursuing MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

21. Sussex India Scholarships

Sussex India scholarship is another study abroad scholarship for Indian students. And, it will be awarded as a tuition fee reduction to eligible Indian nationals after enrolment at the University of Sussex.

22. Tata Scholarship for Undergraduate studies at Cornell University

Tata Scholarship is the next one of the study abroad scholarships for Indian students. And, it is given to qualified Indian students for Undergraduate studies at Cornell University.

23. University College Dublin Scholarships for undergraduate Students

Ireland’s global university, University College Dublin (UCD) offers scholarships for eligible undergraduate students.

24. University of Oxford Rhodes Scholarships

Another one of the study abroad scholarships for Indian students is University of Oxford  Rhodes Scholarships. And, it is awarded every year to five outstanding Indian students to study at University of Oxford.

25. University of Sheffield Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships

University of Sheffield, Yorkshire, England offers undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships for international students.

26. USIEF Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships

Fellowships offered by United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF) to Indian nationals for pursuing Masters, Doctoral research, and post doctoral studies in US.

As globalization is minimizing the distances between different nations, more and more foreign universities are embracing the idea of cultural diversity and transfer. One of the main problems Indian students face when planning to study abroad is the burden of high tuition costs and additional expenses. This has led to more students applying for study abroad scholarships and fellowships, which would ease the burden of tuition costs. However, getting access to right information at the right time is very important to find the right scholarships to apply to and to complete the application in time!

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