Government Scholarships for Indian Students

SCHOLARSHIPS FOR INDIAN STUDENTS- PART 2                                           

National Scholarships offered by MHRD, Government of India
With an increasing number of high achieving students in India, getting admitted to one’s preferred field of study in a top university still remains a dream for many. Even more, many Indian students aspiring higher education are unable to afford the high costs of education in many colleges. Indian Government, in an effort to provide financial support to such deserving students, is offering scholarships and interest subsidy on education loans for Indian students. The Ministry of Human Resource Development, under the Government of India, is responsible for awarding scholarships and education subsidies to eligible Indian students. Students should keep themselves updated about different scholarship schemes offered by the Government of India. Please take some time to explore different scholarships  offered by the Government of India, and find out whether you qualify.

1. Central Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students
The Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students is aimed at financially supporting Indian students from poor families to help with their higher education expenses. National scholarships are offered to Indian students based on their family income and the results of class XII examination. Students should score above 80th percentile in the particular stream of study for specific Boards of Exam and should have  family income below Rs. 6 lakhs per year . National scholarships, open to students of age group 18-25 years, is offered to eligible Indian students to pursue professional studies and graduate / postgraduate courses in colleges and universities.
Currently, eligible students are awarded Rs. 1000 per month for three years of graduate level studies and Rs. 2000 per month for  Post-Graduation studies. Eligible  students taking professional courses will receive Rs. 2000 monthly in the 4thand 5th year of their professional studies. Under this scheme, students receive scholarships for 10 months in a particular academic year. Currently, 82000 fresh scholarships are awarded every year,  ensuring 41000 scholarships are offered for boys and 41000 for girls.
The examining bodies will shortlist qualified students within five weeks of announcement of results of class XII examination. Eligible students are selected based on the exam results and the family income. These shortlisted students will receive written notification from their Boards or other concerned authorities to find out if they are willing to accept the scholarship. Eligible students are required to reply within the time specified, or else the scholarship will be awarded to the next eligible candidate.                                                                                                     Find more details.

2. Scheme of Scholarship to Students from Non-Hindi Speaking States for Post Matric Studies in Hindi
Scheme of Scholarship to Students from Non-Hindi Speaking States for Post Matric Studies in Hindi is aimed at promoting study of Hindi in the non-Hindi speaking states of India. Currently, 2500 Scholarships are awarded to eligible students pursuing Post-Metric to PhD level studies. The scholarship amount varies between Rs. 300 to 1000 monthly.
Find more details.

3. Special Scholarship Scheme for Jammu& Kashmir
Special Scholarship Scheme for Jammu& Kashmir is aimed at improving education and employment opportunities in Jammu& Kashmir. Each year, 5000 scholarships are awarded, which includes 4500 scholarships  awarded for general degree courses, 250 for engineering studies, and 250 for medical education. Find more details.



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