MAG Personality Test: Know your Personality for free in 2-3 minutes!

Take the free MAG Personality Test. Know more about your personality for free in 2-3 minutes. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Start 2018 by knowing yourself better! Do you enjoy being alone or being with others? Do you enjoy surprises or like to plan things early? Ever wondered why your thinking and communication style is different from others? Now dedicate a few minutes to know your personality style.

Free MAG Personality Test
Free MAG Personality Test

MAG personality test- In 3 simple steps!

The MAG personality test can be completed in 3 easy steps:

  1. Answer 12 easy questions.
  2. Once you finish the test, check the description corresponding to the four letter word in your test result.
  3. See the description that matches your test result in the above chart (Click on the image for better view).

Now, dedicate some time for yourself! Take a few minutes to answer these questions. Once you finish answering the 12 questions, you will get a 4 letter test result.

1. In social gatherings, you

2. Meeting new people  

3. You are  

4. You like to do things

5. You are

6. You prefer  

7. You describe yourself as a  

8. You rely more on

9. You are more

10. You are more interested in

11. You appreciate

12. You trust more

Please read the description that matches your 4 letter test result in the personality type chart below (Click on the personality type chart below for better view).

Disclaimer: This is not an official/complete personality test. The results of this test should only be used for information purposes. The test result is in no way a final word or formal evaluation of your personality. For that you will have to take official tests.

Click on the image below to make it larger. Read the description corresponding to your 4 letter Personality Test result:

Myers Briggs Personality Types
Myers Briggs Personality Types

By Jake Beech (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

MAG personality test- Personality Preferences

This MAG personality test is an unofficial questionnaire with 12 questions. This test is intended to give you a head start in identifying your personality preferences. This mini test is based on the work of C. Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers. Accordingly, personality type is identified based on four personality preferences:

* Extraverted (E) or Introverted (I)

* Sensing (S) or Intuition (N)

* Thinking (T) or Feeling (F)

* Judging (J) or Perceiving (P)

Why to take MAG Personality Test?

There are many reasons why you should take the MAG Personality Test. Many would like to learn more about themselves. However, there are many others who want to make necessary changes in their behavior based on the test results. Check below to see the important reasons to take this Quick Personality Test. Completing a Personality test will help to:

Get a better understanding of one’s own personality traits
Find the right course of study
Choose the right career path
Improve personal life
Enhance communication style
Boost  one’s social life

How to interpret MAG Personality Test results?

This MAG Personality Test will help you to identify your personality traits. The results of this test should be used to gain better insight into one’s own behavior and interpersonal relations. This test should never be used to judge one’s own or other’s personality style. Instead, it should be used as a tool to identify one’s own personality traits related to decision making, social interactions, etc. Subsequently, use it as a tool to make improvements in your personal, social and professional life.

One cannot say that extroversion is better than introversion or vice versa. Similarly, an individual’s decision making, whether it is based on his/ her thinking or feeling, cannot be judged as good or bad. However, once we know about specific personality traits, we could consciously improve our behavior in order to match a particular situation. Moreover, we can consciously select situations that match our personality style. For example, one could choose a course of study or career path that matches ones personality.

Take Personality Test to improve your personal life

Take the Personality Test to know why you behave in a certain way. Many times we get into situations we don’t like and then wonder how we got there in the first place. Once you know your personality preferences, you could also make changes in your behavior to improve your personal life.

Know your personality to improve your social life

Take the Personality Test. Know  your personality to improve your social life. For example, once you know that you prefer to stay at home while your friend likes to go out and enjoy, you both can make some changes for each other. This will improve your communication and interpersonal relationships as well.

Choose the right stream of studies based on Personality

When choosing the right stream of studies, one’s personality traits play an important role. Keeping your suitable career path in mind, you can find the best course of studies that matches your personality style. Your personality traits, whether you are more caring, judgmental,  private or social, will all influence your choice of studies and future career success.

For more details, check our post: Choose right stream of studies after 10th, Personality wise

Find the right career according to your Personality

Finding  the right career that matches your personality will improve chances of success and happiness. Often times, we give preference to salary and benefits while choosing a career. However, it is important to choose a career that matches your personality style too. So take the Personality Test and know more about your preferences. This will improve your chances for job satisfaction and career success.

Check here for more information about Finding the right career based on your personality style.

Remember, just as the different flowers in a garden, different individuals have different personality traits. These personality differences in individuals are essential in keeping our social life and work life dynamic and interesting.

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