NEET 2019 Preparation: Important Steps to Take Now.

NEET 2019 Preparation: Important Steps to Take Now

NTA has published official notification regarding NEET UG 2019 application process. NEET candidates are eagerly waiting for any further announcements. Here are some important steps applicants can proactively take now for NEET 2019 preparation.

1. Keep calm!

There is no need to panic about the exam date or the application process. Just like you, every other applicant is new to this and hence share the same anxiety and concerns about NEET UG 2019 application process.

2. Use time wisely!

A well planned timetable is essential for your NEET preparation. NEET 2019 syllabus is published by NTA. Now, it is important to prepare a timetable and prepare for your board exams along with your NEET preparation. Here you may read more about NEET Syllabus.

3. Plan your strategy for revision

Whatever strategy you use to prepare for NEET UG 2019 exam, it is wise to revise the topics which you already studied at regular intervals.

4. Take practice tests

Attempting a few practice tests without finishing your preparation for NEET UG 2019 exam could give misleading results. However, keeping realistic expectations while taking sample tests will help with time management and will boost confidence.

5. Find time to study!

Always make sure you have time to study!! Students are seen flying from school to entrance coaching centre and then to private tuition centers, particularly when exams are near. Amit, a class 12 student, says he barely finds time to relax in between tuition and coaching classes. When you find it difficult to keep up with the school assignments and NEET UG 2019 exam, it is worth spending some time to revisit your schedule and make changes accordingly.

6. Keep balance!

It is understandable why you are ready to neglect even your basic needs to prepare yourself for the much awaited medical entrance exam. For many of you, you are getting further closer to your dream and you are ready to try your best to achieve it. However, keeping your body, mind, and emotions in good balance is essential for your progress in any field. Always remember, you can’t build up anything strong and stable on a weak foundation! So remember these simple tips to balance yourself- eat a balanced diet, get sufficient sleep (7-8 hours daily), do exercise daily, get some time to rest, relax, pray, and get centered.

7. Know that NEET is not bigger than life!

After all, preparing for the NEET UG 2019 exam is only a part of your life, even though it may seem bigger than life, at times. Don’t let it take you off balance. Take this as one of the challenges which you will have to face in your life. Accept it, make a plan, and stick to the plan.

8. Think of alternate plans

All students preparing for the NEET UG 2019 exam should think of alternate plans. What if you don’t qualify for a medical seat this year? Do you have a second or third choice? Are you planning to retake the exam next year? Always, hope for the best and plan for the worst!

9. Be creative!

Be creative in your NEET preparation. Along with the traditional ways of learning, students today are incorporating innovative strategies to prepare for competitive exams. Explore Fun ways to prepare for NEET!

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