CBSE class X Board Exam: 6 Papers Mandatory.

CBSE class X Board Exam:  6 Papers MANDATORY- Remodeled Assessment Scheme.

On 9th March 2017, CBSE has send notification to head of schools regarding the remodeled assessment scheme, for Class X Board Exam for schools offering Vocational subject as compulsory (under NSQF), effective academic year 2017-18.

Important points
The remodeled assessment scheme will be effective starting academic year, 2017-18
The current assessment scheme will apply for the CBSE Class 10 Board Exam for the academic year, 2016-17.

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Revised Scheme of Studies (under NSQF) for CBSE Class X Board Exam 

Subject 1: Language 1
Subject 2: Language 2
Subject 3: Science
Subject 4: Mathematics
Subject 5: Social Science
Subject 6 : Vocational Subject

For each of the six subjects, total marks will be 100.
As per the CBSE circular, if a student fails in any of the three elective subjects, Science, Mathematics or Social Science, then the marks scored for vocational subject  will be considered in its place.
In such cases, students who failed the elective subject can still opt to reappear at the compartment exam.

Vocational Subjects under the Remodeled Assessment Scheme

There are thirteen vocational subjects under the revised scheme for CBSE Class X Board Exam , which are given below:

*Dynamics of Retailing
*Information Technology
*Automobile Technology
*Introduction to Financial Market
*Introduction to Tourism
*Beauty & Wellness
*Basic Agriculture
*Food Production
*Front Office Operations
*Banking & Insurance
*Marketing & Sales
*Health Care Services

Assessment for Vocational Subjects

Total marks : 100
Internal marks (Practical Exam): 50 (33% marks to pass)
Board Exam : 50 ( 33% marks to pass)

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