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Our mission is to guide students through the much challenging yet fulfilling journey of higher education admission process. We, at http://www.myacademicguide.com/ strive to equip students with all essential information that supports their higher education pursuits. And, we incorporate important information about NEET and JEE for Medical admissions and Engineering Admissions. Also, students can find updates on scholarships for Indian students to study in India and abroad. Furthermore, www.myacademicguide.com provides innovative approaches to learning. Additionally, a separate section for NEET Jokes/ JEE Jokes is included. This will help students to explore fun ways to prepare for NEET and JEE.

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We, at http://www.myacademicguide.com/, started our journey by providing important updates and pertinent information about higher education in India and abroad. Our primary focus was on easing the admission process for students and making learning more fun. Also, we provide information to Indian students about the different scholarships available for higher education, both in India and abroad. As our journey progressed, we started to specifically address the needs of the students preparing for competitive exams like CBSE NEET and JEE .

In addition to academics, we are aiming at the overall progress and development of the students. Therefore, we are providing the Free MAG Personality Test. And, this will help students to learn more about their personality and their individual learning styles.

Additionally, one of the main problems students face is Exam Stress. Therefore, we focus on providing Exam Stress Busters to students who are taking exams, including CBSE/ ICSE/ State Board Exams, NEET and JEE. Our motivational message, Together in these Testing Times- A Message to All Test Takers , is well accepted by students.

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