Choose right stream after 10th, personality wise – Career guidance

Choose the right stream after 10th, personality wise – Career guidance

Choose the right stream after 10th Class that is best suited for you! Find the career path/ stream that matches your personality! Spend some time to explore your personality preferences before deciding the stream for 11th.

Often times, students are troubled with different questions about their higher secondary education. What to do after 10th? Which stream to select for 11th? Frequently, in the name of career guidance, many students completely resort to other’s ideas and interests. This can lead to getting into a stream of study and the career path that does not match one’s aptitude, interests, and personality. This can be a recipe for future job dissatisfaction. Therefore, it is important to incorporate your personality preferences, when choosing the right stream after 10th.

Strategies that help choose the right stream after 10th

You have to incorporate multiple factors that support informed decision making when selecting your stream and career path. See below the different strategies that help choose the right stream after 10th :

Incorporate suggestions from parents, teachers, friends, and relatives

Get professional career guidance/ counseling

Attend Education fair, workshops and seminars

Update yourself with career and education news

Identify personal strengths and preferences- aptitude, personality, values, interests, personal goals, ambition, etc.

Why should you choose the right stream after 10th, personality wise?

Many students rely on any one or two of the above strategies, when choosing the stream after 10th. Most of the time, students sacrifice their personal preferences. As a result, many students overlook the aptitude and personality factor. This can lead to picking a career path that may be manageable, but may not assure success. Therefore, it is important to see whether you have aptitude and interest in a particular stream. Ask yourself these important questions- “ Am I good at this subject?”, “Does this career path match my personality?”

Now, check this famous quote by Steve Jobs:

“ Your work is going to fill

a large part of your life,

and the only way to be

truly satisfied is to do what

you believe is great work.

The only way to do great work

is to love what you do.

If you haven’t found it yet,

keep looking. Don’t settle.”- Steve Jobs

Right stream after 10th- Choose a career path you love

YES! Your career success depends considerably on how well your career matches your personality. For example, I might have good interest in Political Science and I am thinking becoming a politician might be a good choice for me. After all, my uncle is a politician, he earns a good living, has great public reputation, and he enjoys it. Now, look at me, with all that theoretical knowledge in Political Science, I have all facts and figures in hand. This must be the right choice! However, when I sit back and think, I realize that I am more of an introvert, who enjoys privacy, and want to be left alone most of the time.

But how is my uncle managing it? Well, now I see. My uncle is a typical extrovert- he is so eager and energized to meet new people, have lots of friends, and so forth. When I think about it, my uncle enjoys all the public meetings and encounters as a politician. However, in my case, as much as I like to help people, I enjoy my privacy too. So becoming a career politician might not be a right choice for me. However, since I have good aptitude in Political Science, I can check other related career options. I could do better in the education field. I like teaching Political Science and could become a good professor.

How Personality tests help you choose the right stream after 10th?

“Knowing yourself is the beginning  of all wisdom” – Aristotle

Remember, when it comes to knowing yourself, there is no better psychologist than you. No one can know you better than you. No Personality test can replace the insights you gain by spending some time to analyze yourself. We have provided an unofficial personality questionnaire to help you. This mini Personality test gives you an idea of what kind of questions you should ask yourself in trying to analyze your personality. The results of the test should not be considered final. Instead, it should be used to gain more insight about yourself, your tendencies, values, beliefs, etc.

MAG personality test

This MAG personality test is an unofficial questionnaire with 12 questions. This test is intended to give you a head start in identifying your personality preferences. This mini test is based on the work of C. Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers. Accordingly, personality type is identified based on four personality preferences:

* Extraverted (E) or Introverted (I)

* Sensing (S) or Intuition (N)

* Thinking (T) or Feeling (F)

* Judging (J) or Perceiving (P)

Click on the image below to see a better view of the different personality types:

Myers Briggs Personality Types
Myers Briggs Personality Types

By Jake Beech (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

MAG personality test- In 3 simple steps!

Our MAG personality test can be completed in 3 easy steps:

  1. Answer 12 easy questions.
  2. Once you finish the test, check the description corresponding to the four letter word in your test result.
  3. See the description that matches your test result in the above chart (Click on the image for better view).

Now, dedicate some time for yourself! Take a few minutes to answer these questions. Once you finish answering the 12 questions, you will get a 4 letter test result.

1. In social gatherings, you

2. Meeting new people  

3. You are  

4. You like to do things

5. You are

6. You prefer  

7. You describe yourself as a  

8. You rely more on

9. You are more

10. You are more interested in

11. You appreciate

12. You trust more

Please read the description that matches your 4 letter test result in the personality type chart above (Click on the personality type chart above for better view).  

Disclaimer: This is not an official/complete personality test. The results of this test should only be used for information purposes. The test result is in no way a final word or formal evaluation of your personality. For that you will have to take official tests. This is intended to give you some idea about different personality preferences as it could influence your career choice.

Subjects in each stream for 11th

Now, you will be a step closer to choosing wisely the right stream for 11th. Students should research well about the different streams and subjects before coming to a decision. Check the subjects in each stream before picking the right stream after 10th.

Check below to get a rough idea about the various streams and subjects in 11th grade:

Science (Medical stream)- English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Options: Maths/ Economics/ Computer Science, Informatics Practices

Science (Non-Medical stream)- English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths

Options: Biology/ Computer Science/ Informatics Practices/ Economics.

Commerce-English, Economics, Accountancy, Business studies

Options: Maths/ Informatics Practices

Arts/ Humanities-English, History, Political Science, Economics

Options: Maths/ Psycholgy/ Informatics Practices

Please note: For different schools, some changes should be expected in subject distribution in different streams. Please see the school curriculum to see more details.

In summary, it is important that students understand that everyone is unique and each individual has his/ her personality preferences. Finding the right stream after 10th that matches one’s personality will improve the chances of career success and job satisfaction.

Now, check CBSE Date Sheet 2018 for Class 10

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NEET Percentile – NEET qualifying Marks 2018, Category wise

NEET Percentile 2018- NEET qualifying Marks, Category wise.

Candidates should meet the Qualifying NEET Percentile in order to be eligible for MBBS or BDS admissions in India. So it is important to know the NEET percentile, category wise for 2018. This is the minimum NEET qualifying marks for MBBS or BDS admissions. Also, candidates should know how the percentile is calculated, as per the CBSE NEET eligibility criteria.

NEET Percentile 2018 – Category wise

CBSE has provided the qualifying NEET percentile, category wise. This is for eligibility for admission to MBBS/ BDS Courses in 2018, which is same as for 2017. Please see the details below:

NEET qualifying marks 2018
NEET qualifying marks 2018 or NEET percentile 2018

As seen above, CBSE specifies that the minimum NEET qualifying marks for Unreserved category is at 50th percentile. The NEET qualifying marks for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Other Backward Classes is at 40th percentile. At the same time, the NEET qualifying marks for Unreserved- PH is at 45th percentile. Also, for SC-PH/ ST-PH/ OBC-PH, it  is at 40th percentile.

The qualifying NEET percentile represents the minimum NEET qualifying marks required for candidates to be eligible for Medical/ Dental admissions. This means, candidates in each category should score NEET marks at or above the specified percentile for the respective category. For example, students belonging to unreserved category should secure NEET marks corresponding to 50th percentile or above.

Calculating NEET percentile

Percentile for tests can be calculated in two ways- percentile based on highest marks and percentile based on rank. The official CBSE NEET Bulletin 2018 specifies that the NEET percentile, shall be calculated based on the highest marks secured for NEET.

NEET percentile based on highest marks

We will check how to calculate NEET percentile based on highest marks obtained in NEET:
For example, let’s assume the highest marks scored by the NEET topper is 690 and your NEET score is 630. Then, your NEET percentile will be 630 x 100/ 690 = 91.3

Percentile based on rank

Some tests use percentile based on rank. A different method is used to determine percentile based on rank. See below the formula to check percentile based on rank:
Consider your rank for a particular test is 1500 and the total number of test candidates is 10.8 lakhs. Then, your percentile will be (10,80,000-1500/10,80,000)x100= 99.8

Understanding NEET Percentile better

Firstly, Percentile should not be confused with percentage. Percentile is the number below which a certain percentage of scores or observations fall. It is used in test scores as an effective approach for comparison of test scores among candidates. Let us see this from the NEET perspective. As mentioned earlier, CBSE specifies minimum marks for each category. For Unreserved category, it is at 50th percentile, for qualifying for MBBS/ BDS admissions. This means, these candidates’ marks should be at or above the marks below which 50 percentage of scores fall.

As per CBSE, the NEET qualifying marks or score is at 40th percentile for SC/ ST/ OBC candidates. Therefore, their NEET marks should be at or above the marks below which 40 percentage of scores fall. Similarly, the NEET qualifying marks for other categories too can be explained.

NEET Percentile – Special considerations.

As mentioned above, CBSE has given the NEET percentile or minimum marks for each category for MBBS/ BDS admissions. However, the minimum marks could be lowered under certain circumstances. For example, this may be done if the required number of candidates from each category have not secured the minimum NEET qualifying marks.

In such cases, lowering of minimum NEET qualifying marks for  will be done under certain conditions:

* If required, lowering of NEET percentile or NEET qualifying marks will be done at the discretion of the Central Government.
* This will be done after consulting with the Medical Council of India and Dental Council of India.
* Such lowered marks will be applicable only for that particular academic year, as specified.

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