Together, in these testing times! A message to all test takers.

Together, in these testing times!

For all test takers, parents, teachers, friends & well wishers! And for all who are going through various tests of their life! These are testing times for all of us! It’s high time we received a message to remind ourselves that we are in this together, in these testing times! Many of us stay awake late at night, rush our meals, skip our favorite shows- all to keep up with this tough ride. Let us be assured, all these sleepless nights and hard work will pay off, one way or the other. To make it happen, we need to motivate and inspire each other! We need to send out positive vibes so that we can receive even more!

Together, in these testing times!

For all test takers,
You are not alone!
We are in this together, in these testing times,
Let’s do our best & leave the rest!
Let’s bow down a bit and say…

We may fight for better marks, better positions,
but will always remember,
that the biggest war is not between us but within us!
Let’s remind ourselves….

We may skip our meals, sleep late, cry alone,
but we are together, in these testing times!
Let’s assure each other…

Together in these testing times.

And at times when we feel like giving up,
we’ll hold each other’s hands and say “let’s move on”!
Let’s inspire each other….

When we win, we’ll pull each other close & say,
We did this together, in these testing times!
Let’s be grateful…

We have to fulfill our dreams, but if we fail,
behind our weary smiles and teary eyes,
we will quietly whisper to each other,
“there is an even better plan waiting for us!”
Let’s comfort each other and say…

Many of us will pass this test, all of us will try,
And together in these testing times, we all win,
For we have walked this path hand in hand!

Let’s walk together, let’s accept this ride,
And we will ever remember, we did this with grace!
Together, in these testing times!

Testing our limits!

Exams, more specifically competitive exams, are testing times for the test takers as well as their loved ones. This is the time when students are being tested for their academic excellence. However, teachers, parents, friends, and well wishers are all tested for their ability to guide and support the students. Most importantly, these testing times measure our inner capabilities and strengths and our capacity to get through the test gracefully.

We get pushed to explore our limits, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially & spiritually. However, these testing times are meant not only to test our limits, but to bring us together, share and care for each other, and to let others know that they are not alone. Instead, to let them know that we are in this together, in these testing times!

When we work hard to reach that deadline, when we feel frustrated, and when we stay awake late at night to solve those problems, let’s all pause a bit. Let’s try to see those who are sharing the path with us. Tell them, I see you my dear friend! You are not alone! We are in this together, in these testing times!

It doesn’t take much to bring positive changes in people, including ourselves. There is no need to move mountains to lift the spirits of people we come in touch with. Many times, it is the simple, sincere acts and words that makes the most difference. At times, an innocent smile, a pat on your friend’s shoulder, a caring word- all these can speak volumes.

Soft wired to inclusiveness!

Many say, as human beings, we are all hardwired to success. If that is the case, we are all softwired to inclusiveness! Nothing can make us more lively, free, motivated, inspired and fulfilled than when we start to include others in our life, whether it is in our prayers, thoughts, talks or deeds.

Let others know that they are not alone. Let them know that we are in this together. By doing so, we are basically letting ourselves open to positive vibes from our fellow beings. In other words, by sending out positive messages, we are letting the cosmos know that we are ready to receive positive messages in return. Above all, when we learn to include others in our life, we are basically letting them include us in their life too.

Hope you enjoyed this message!

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NEET Admit Card 2018: Date, Steps to Download NEET Hall Ticket 2018!

Download NEET Admit Card/ Hall Ticket 2018: Steps

The CBSE NEET Admit Card is expected to be available to download in April 2018. The NEET (UG) 2017 Exam date was on May 7, 2017 (Sunday). The NEET (UG) 2018 Exam is expected in May 2018. Here are some important instructions, provided by CBSE, regarding downloading the NEET Admit Card/ Hall Ticket 2018.

Check below to see the video, NEET (UG) 2017- Download Admit Card / Hall Ticket- IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS. Also, this video provides important information about HOW, WHEN, & WHERE to download the NEET Admit Card:

When can I download NEET (UG) 2018 admit card?

CBSE will announce the date to download NEET Admit card 2018. After the NEET application process, candidates will have to wait for the official notification. Last year, the NEET admit card/ Hall Ticket was available to download on April 22, 2017.

Where to download NEET admit card?

Candidates will have to download the NEET admit card from the official CBSE NEET website,

NEET Admit Card
NEET Admit Card- Where to download?

When the applicant downloads the NEET admit card 2018, a copy of the admit card will be emailed to him/her via the registered email ID.
However, NEET admit cards/ Hall Tickets will NOT be send via post.

How to download NEET (UG) 2018 admit card?

Check these steps to download NEET 2018 Hall Ticket:

* First of all, candidates will have to go to the official CBSE NEET website,
* Then, click on the link for NEET (UG) 2018 Admit card.
* Next, enter required information & submit it.
* Download the Admit card.
* Take printout of the Admit card.
* Also, follow the instructions to affix postcard size photograph.
* Finally, check for any other instructions.

NEET 2018 Admit card- Verify information

Candidates are required to verify the NEET Admit Card/ Hall Ticket 2018 for accuracy. Check if all the information is correct, including the following:

Roll Number
Candidate’s name
Father’s Name
Category & Sub-Category
Date of Birth
Language of Question Paper
Name and Address of examination centre allotted.

Instructions regarding NEET (UG) 2018 Admit card

Check these important instructions regarding NEET Admit card 2018 as given below:

* Some candidates may need help to download NEET Admit Cards. If so,  please visit the nearest Common Services Centres/ Facilitation Centres (see details in A fee of Rs. 10 will be charged for downloading the Admit Card.
* Also, check if any information provided in the NEET 2018 Admit Card/ Hall Ticket 2018 is incorrect. If so, please call the NEET helpline number provided in the official website,
* Most importantly, do not try to make any changes in the NEET (UG) 2018 Admit Card. Keep your admit card safe.
* Remember, candidates won’t be able to attend the NEET exam without the NEET Hall Ticket & the photographs.

Additional instructions about NEET Hall Ticket 2018

* Regularly, update yourself about NEET (UG) 2018. Check often for any additional instructions in the official NEET website,
* Also check your registered phone number and email, provided during NEET application, for any notifications.

Unable to download NEET Admit Card/ Hall Ticket 2018?

Last year, when the NEET Hall Tickets were available to download, many candidates couldn’t access the official NEET website. If you are unable to visit the official CBSE NEET website,, due to server error, do not panic! It is due to many candidates trying to visit the site at the same time. Please wait, and try after sometime.

Check this video regarding NEET Admit Card- Downloading problem:

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Top Engineering Colleges in India: Rankings 2016

Top 25 Engineering colleges in India 2016

Top Engineering Colleges in India are ranked every year by both private agencies and Government. NIRF Rankings, by Government of India, provides rankings every year. According to the NIRF rankings 2016, based on the overall score, IITs take the top 11 ranks. In addition to this, IITs occupy 15 positions out of the first 25 top Engineering Colleges in India.

Government Ranking of top Engineering Colleges in India has helped to bring more transparency in the ranking process. By analyzing these rankings, students can get valuable information about the college facilities and academic performance. Additionally,  factors such as opportunities for placement, research, and higher studies are considered in ranking.

Top 25 Engineering Colleges in India for 2016

Top 25 best Engineering Colleges in India, based on the NIRF rankings 2016, are given below:

Rank                                        Name                                                       State

1   Indian Institute Of Technology,                                               Tamil Nadu
Madras ( Chennai)
2   Indian Institute Of Technology, Bombay                             Maharashtra
3   Indian Institute Of Technology, Kharagpur                        West Bengal
4   Indian Institute Of Technology, Delhi                                   Delhi
5   Indian Institute Of Technology, Kanpur                               Uttar Pradesh
6   Indian Institute Of Technology, Roorkee                             Uttarakhand
7   Indian Institute Of Technology, Hyderabad                        Telangana
8   Indian Institute Of Technology,                                                Gujarat
Gandhinagar ( Ahmedabad)
9   Indian Institute Of Technology,                                                Punjab
Ropar ( Rupnagar)
10   Indian Institute Of Technology, Patna                                 Bihar

Rankings- Parameters

Rankings of Engineering Colleges on the basis of each of the five ranking parameters. This is given in the official website for NIRF.

Check here to see the list of top 100 Engineering Colleges in India for year 2016 here.

Click below to see the Rankings of Educational Institutions in India, according to NIRF Rankings 2017:

Best Universities in India-2017 Rankings
Top Best Colleges in India- 2017 Rankings
Top Engineering Colleges in India: 2017 Rankings
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