NEET/ JEE- Top 10 Test Day Tips by Toppers.

Top 10 test day tips by toppers to crack NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS!

Do you know the top 10 test day tips by toppers to crack NEET/ JEE. You were waiting all these years for the “big day”- the test day for NEET/JEE/ AIIMS! All your preparation will be evaluated based on how well you perform during the 3 or 3.5 hours, based on the test you are taking. Therefore, it is very important that students review the success tips & strategies by toppers. Also, incorporate these tips while taking practice tests itsef, in order to do your best on the exam day & crack NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS.

Check this video about the top 10 test day tips for NEET:

We have compiled Top 10 success tips by toppers to crack NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS, which are given below:

1. Tip # 1: Organise your mind before the start of the NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS Exam!

While waiting for the test to start, try to get your mental faculties ready. These techniques will help to keep you in control!

*Calm down & relax– Take a few deep breaths & smile. You can try other technigues like humming an inspiring song or mantra, remembering your favorite motivation speech or quote, or just pray for sometime!
*Look around– Familiarise yourself with the place. Scan the exam hall visually! Just see where things are- the wall clock, exam invigilator’s desk, etc.
*Keep your documents handy.
*Review your time management strategy– This should be planned ahead during your practice tests itself. Depending on the level of difficulty, plan ahead how much time approximately you are going to dedicate to answer questions from each subject, whether you are going to do the difficult or easy subject first, how much time you are going to assign to answer the difficult questions in the end or to make an intelligent guess. Again, plan your best time management strategy way before the exam day and be ready to be flexible in your time allotment for each subject, depending on the difficulty level.

2. Tip # 2: Scan through the question paper.

Once you receive the question paper, take 2-3 minutes to scan through the whole question paper. This will help to set your mind ready for the test. Also, based on the difficulty level, you can make some quick changes to your time management strategy. For example, if you find Physics questions are more difficult than other subjects, plan to spend more time to solve Physics questions.

3. Tip # 3: Answer easy questions first.

Attempt questions that are easy first. Mark and leave the difficult questions for later. Don’t spend more time on a particular question. Try to finish each section according to your time plan.

4. Tip # 4: Don’t forget to read the whole question.

This is one important test day tip for NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS! Do not rush and miss important points in the question. Always read the entire question before thinking of the answer.

5. Tip # 5: Underline key points.

When reading the question, underline the key points. This will help you to focus on the key points and concepts, which will lead to the correct answer.

6. Tip # 6: Think of the answer even before looking at the answer choices.

Try this test day tip for NEET/ JEE/AIIMS! Once you read the question completely, think of the correct answer before looking at the answer choices given. This will help you to derive your answer based on the key points in the question, before getting baffled by the confusing answer choices.

7. Tip # 7: Read all the answer choices

Read all the answer choices before arriving at the most correct answer. This is especially helpful when you have more than one answer correct, or you have “all of the above” and “none of the above” answer choices.

8. Tip # 8: Use the Elimination technique or True/ False technique to answer questions.

This is another useful test day tip for NEET/JEE/AIIMS. Use the Elimination technique or True/ False technique to find the right answer. Make sure you ask the true/ false question  to each answer choice so as to eliminate or cross off wrong answers and select the most correct answer.

9. Tip # 9: Do not change your first answer unless you have sufficient reason to do so.

Usually, your first answer is correct. Change your first answer only if you have enough reason to do so. For example, you remembered some extra points or got some clues from the exam questions itself.

10. Tip # 10: Try intelligent guess  to answer the difficult questions.

Once you have finished your easy questions, it is time to attempt the difficult questions. Again, ration time reasonably for each question. Do not do blind guessing. This way you can reduce negative marks. However, it would be sensible to do a smart/ intelligent guess if you can eliminate one or more answer choices for a particular question, which will increase the probability of getting the answer correct. Read our complete article on INTELLIGENT GUESSING, given below:

Negative marks for NEET, JEE, AIIMS- Intelligent Guessing

Do not wait  for the NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS exam day to follow these success tips. Start incorporating these top 10 test day tips while taking practice tests itself. That way you will have a great success strategy of your own to achieve high score in Medical or Engineering Entrance Exam!

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CBSE class X Board Exam: 6 Papers Mandatory.

CBSE class X Board Exam:  6 Papers MANDATORY- Remodeled Assessment Scheme.

On 9th March 2017, CBSE has send notification to head of schools regarding the remodeled assessment scheme, for Class X Board Exam for schools offering Vocational subject as compulsory (under NSQF), effective academic year 2017-18.

Important points
The remodeled assessment scheme will be effective starting academic year, 2017-18
The current assessment scheme will apply for the CBSE Class 10 Board Exam for the academic year, 2016-17.

Check our video, CBSE class X Board Exam: 6 Papers MANDATORY- Remodeled Assessment Scheme, to find more details: 

Revised Scheme of Studies (under NSQF) for CBSE Class X Board Exam 

Subject 1: Language 1
Subject 2: Language 2
Subject 3: Science
Subject 4: Mathematics
Subject 5: Social Science
Subject 6 : Vocational Subject

For each of the six subjects, total marks will be 100.
As per the CBSE circular, if a student fails in any of the three elective subjects, Science, Mathematics or Social Science, then the marks scored for vocational subject  will be considered in its place.
In such cases, students who failed the elective subject can still opt to reappear at the compartment exam.

Vocational Subjects under the Remodeled Assessment Scheme

There are thirteen vocational subjects under the revised scheme for CBSE Class X Board Exam , which are given below:

*Dynamics of Retailing
*Information Technology
*Automobile Technology
*Introduction to Financial Market
*Introduction to Tourism
*Beauty & Wellness
*Basic Agriculture
*Food Production
*Front Office Operations
*Banking & Insurance
*Marketing & Sales
*Health Care Services

Assessment for Vocational Subjects

Total marks : 100
Internal marks (Practical Exam): 50 (33% marks to pass)
Board Exam : 50 ( 33% marks to pass)

For more information about CBSE Class X Board Exam remodeled assessment Scheme, visit

Check for Scholarship information and NEET/ JEE JOKES at

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