Avoid Negative Marks for NEET, JEE: Intelligent Guessing

Negative marks for NEET, JEE & CAT-To do Intelligent Guessing or not?

Intelligent guessing, instead of blind guessing, is important to avoid negative marks for tests like NEET/ JEE. Anyone who has appeared for NEET, JEE, CAT, and other Multiple Choice Question Tests would know how important Intelligent guessing is. Many times during the exam, you will face difficulty in finding the right answer within the limited time, despite the ambiguity the answer choices presents.

Intelligent Guessing
Intelligent Guessing

It doesn’t matter whether you have prepared well for the test or not, you will definitely face the difficult choice of whether to guess or not guess the right answer in case of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). It would be easy to go ahead and attempt all the questions if negative marking was not a problem. However, exam authorities institute negative marking to avoid guessing. So the eligible candidates who know the right answer will score higher and those who rely on guessing will lose marks. However, by doing intelligent guessing candidates can avoid negative marks while attempting maximum questions and scoring better.

Does this mean that one should never attempt questions that are difficult to answer to avoid negative marks?

You might have heard of different ways to reduce negative marks for NEET, JEE. Very often, you hear that it is better to leave the question if you don’t know the answer correctly. Or you might have heard that one should look at the Math, check the probability of getting the answer right, and act accordingly. However, there is no surefire answer to this. The most sensible method will be to make an intelligent decision between the two options, based on the difficulty level of the question.

Let us analyze all three options clearly so that we can reduce negative marking and also score better for NEET, JEE, CAT, and other Multiple Choice Question Tests. When we look at the first option, it says to leave the question if you don’t know the answer correctly. This makes sense in the beginning especially when considering the negative marking. But the problem lies in the fact that NEET, JEE, CAT, etc are competitive exams. This means your performance is ranked in relation to the performance of other candidates too.

Check below to see different options to avoid negative marks for NEET, JEE, CAT, and other Multiple Choice Question Tests:

First option to avoid negative marks: Leave the question if you don’t know the answer correctly.

Let us see an example here:
Let us compare the exam performance of you and your friend for NEET 2019. Just imagine, out of 180 total questions, you both have already got 150 answers correct. That means, both of you will get 600 marks. Now, provided you both find the same level of difficulty for the remaining 30 questions, you make the decision not to attempt any more questions.

However, check this scenario. Your friend decided to attempt all the remaining 30 questions. With 4 marks for each correct answer, and -1 for each wrong answer, your friend can score anywhere between -30 to 120 marks, just by guessing! That means he can score 570 or 720 marks, depending on how good his guessing is! Now, since you decided not to attempt any questions you are not sure of the correct answer, your marks will be 600.

Now, does that mean you should guess?
Let us now check the second and third option before coming to a conclusion.

Second option to avoid negative marks: Look at the Math, check the probability of getting the answer right, and act accordingly.

For multiple choice questions with 4 answer options, the probability of getting each answer right is 1/4th. In other words, when you answer 4 questions by guessing, the probability to get one answer right is there. For NEET, you get 4 marks for each correct answer, and -1 for each wrong answer. This means, you could score 1 mark (4 for the correct answer- 3 for the 3 wrong answers=1), by attempting 4 difficult questions. However, you could still score -4 to 16 marks, depending on whether you get 0,1,2,3,or 4 answers right!

That means, there is still the risk of losing marks! It is important to know that the risk increases depending on the scoring pattern. For example, Your risk of losing marks increases in CAT, since it is 3 marks for 1 correct answer and -1 for 1 wrong answer.
So, what is the right option? Let us see the third option.

Third option to avoid negative marks: Make an intelligent decision between the two options, based on the difficulty level of the question.

What does this mean? This means, never do wild guess. Do guess intelligently! In other words, once you have completed all your easy questions, you will have to sort out the rest of the questions based on the level of difficulty. If you are not familiar with the question or topic or don’t have any clue about the answer, it would be wise to leave it. However, if you can eliminate at least 1 or 2 answers for a particular question, it would be sensible to attempt the question. This method will help to reduce the probability of negative marking and increase the probability of getting better score for NEET, JEE, CAT, and other Multiple Choice Question tests.

In summary, the best method to score better marks and to reduce negative marking for NEET, JEE, CAT, and other Multiple choice question tests is to approach each question sensibly depending on your subject matter expertise, rather than blindly leaving difficult questions unanswered or depending on wild guessing!

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Add some fun to your studies………….

When studying for Medical and Engineering entrance, majority of students experience stress due to constant juggling between preparation for board exams and entrance tests. They constantly look for strategies to reduce stress by relying on solutions for stress management, time management, personal entrance coaching classes, etc. However, most students never consider any strategies or approaches to make preparation for NEET or JEE more fun.

“What we learn with pleasure, we never forget”- Alfred Mercier.

With the advent of new technologies, innovative learning tools like YouTube videos, online test preparation classes, and online question banks are available for NEET and JEE preparation. It is important that students should incorporate these tools and technologies for making preparation for Medical and Engineering Entrance exams more fun and simple. Check our NEET/ JEE JOKES regularly to make learning more fun, and less stressful!

In order to get a good score for NEET or JEE, there are two main factors to consider.

  1. One should most importantly have mastery of the subject matter.
  2. One should have the ability to analyze the questions and arrive at the correct answer within the allotted time.

Mostly, we think fun and studies don’t go together. In other words, we are taught from our early childhood days to always take our studies seriously! But we should remember that our brain is more receptive to new information when it is more relaxed. It is worthwhile to remember this quote by Albert Einstein- ” Play is the highest form of research.” It is worthwhile to check for ways to improve your NEET and JEE preparation, make it more fun and easy, while still continuing your current method and schedule of studying.

Try to learn from other successful candidates, incorporate study tips that interests you, and also think of more creative approaches to learning. Check below for important tips and ways to make your NEET and JEE preparation more fun and easy:

  1. Relax!

Think of ways that help you de-stress and relax. Whether it is soothing music, watching funny videos, reading, talking or chatting with friends, playing, or walking in the yard, find out ways to improve your mood. Check our NEET/ JEE JOKES regularly to de-stress while studying for Medical / Engineering Entrance.

  1. Make a master timetable.

Keep some time apart to review the syllabus and the topics. Depending on the time available prior to the start of the Entrance exam, make a personalized timetable, by allotting more time to study difficult topics. Make a copy of the syllabus and master timetable and paste it near your study area or any place where it is easily visible. Try to stick to the timetable. This will give you an overall view of the topics you have studied and those yet to study. Find NEET 2019 Syllabus here.

Check our video, NEET 2018- SYLLABUS & TOPICS, given below:

  1. Become more tech savvy!

Check for online study materials and youtube videos about topics, as and when it is covered in the class. This will help to improve your mastery of that particular topic and will make it easy to memorize.

  1. Make add-ons!

It is better to note down the new questions and points in a designated place. Have a separate notebook for this or you can add these to your entrance preparation books or study guide.

  1. Move around!

Even though some students like to stick to a particular area for their studies, once in a while, try and see if you enjoy studying elsewhere, may be in the balcony or terrace.

  1. Check for online Quiz, jokes, or animations!

You never know how people can be so creative enough to make jokes out of Medical and Engineering Entrance topics! Try to see online Quiz, jokes, or animations about the topic you are studying that particular day. Keep in mind, all fun and no study is no good. So try to limit your time online. Stick to a routine. Once you have completed studying your topics for the day, you can dedicate 10 minutes or so to do your online search for any relevant study material pertaining to those topics. Also, dedicate a few minutes daily in your daily schedule to check the latest NEET/ JEE JOKES, to learn with a smile!

  1. Find your learning style !

Depending on what your learning style is, whether it is auditory, visual, reading/writing, or kinesthetic, use the entrance study materials that suits your learning style. Ask yourself these questions. Do I need to read notes loud or write it down to better remember the points? Or, do I have to listen to more lectures and presentations? Is it helpful to use online videos to prepare for entrance exams? Do I prefer learning from a book or an e-book? In order to make the Medical or Engineering Entrance test preparation more fun, adopt learning tools and techniques according to your learning style.

  1. Use flashcards to memorize difficult concepts and equations.

Make your own or purchase flashcards. As it is handy and you can study on the go, flashcards are very helpful when preparing for NEET or JEE. Always keep these small handy cards with you as this will improve learning by repetition. If you make your own flashcards, try to write questions on one side and answers on other. This will help you to test your knowledge by trying to answer the questions before seeing the answers. Our NEET/ JEE Jokes serve as a substitute for electronic flashcards. You will get a chance to test your knowledge while trying to find answer to our NEET/ JEE Jokes. The fun side of flashcards is that once you test yourself and find your answers right, it acts as a positive reinforcement and soon you will be asking for more.

  1. Make charts and display it in your study area.

It is sensible to include in the chart different concepts, pictures and equations that are hard to remember. As you see the chart many times a day, it gets easier for you to memorize these points. Once you have learned the content in the chart, make new chart with new content.

  1. Never underestimate the power of fun in combined studies!

Try to learn difficult concepts along with your friends. Make sure you stick to your timetable. If you choose a different topic to study in that particular day, make necessary changes in the timetable accordingly. There are many funny jokes and animations that make Medical and Engineering Entrance preparation more fun. Share NEET / JEE Jokes with your friends too if it makes their life a bit easier!

To get a glimpse of our NEET/JEE JOKES videos, watch this video about NEET JOKES 7: BIOLOGY- Chambers of the eye, to see how to combine fun with studies to enhance learning:

  • Practice, Practice, Practice!

We have always heard that practice makes things perfect. Try to answer as much questions as you can about a particular topic. Review and solve previous year’s Medical and Engineering Entrance Question papers. When you get bored, try some of our NEET/JEE Jokes to learn at ease. Every day, allot sometime to do your practice questions. Track your progress. If you want a change, you can ask your siblings, friends, or parents to check the answers for you. Let them see how hard you are studying!

Always remember this! The hours of preparation you put in for NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS is very important for your test success. However, your performance during the actual Medical or Engineering Entrance Exam is what really matters in the end! Therefore, it is important that applicants develop strategies and tips to score high in the Entrance test, to reduce negative marks, and to manage time efficiently. For more info, check our video, TOP 10 TEST DAY TIPS BY TOPPERS TO CRACK NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS:

See the complete article here:  Top 10 test day tips by toppers to crack NEET/ JEE/ AIIMS!

  1. Be ready to study on the go!

Whether you are going for a doctor’s appointment or shopping, take your flashcards or study material with you. You never know when you are in the mood to learn! If you are not in the mood for serious learning, remember to check our NEET/ JEE Jokes to have some fun while learning.

Keep in mind, Negative marking for Medical and Engineering Entrance should not be taken lightly. While getting the maximum answers correct is important, getting minimum answers wrong is also important.  Remember, NO BLIND GUESSING, ONLY INTELLIGENT GUESSING!


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